Basement waterproofing encompasses the methods and materials used to defend against moisture from finding its way to below ground level. This is because groundwater is likely to accumulate in the soil and find its way through the concrete, not naturally waterproof. If left alone, the seeping water can bring several structural faults to the basement, such as mold, decay, and mildew. We at Foundation Repair of Wilmington are equipped with highly skilled professionals who use effective techniques to apply the best possible sealant materials to waterproof all kinds of basements.

How water can get into your basement
There are several ways that moisture seeps into your basement and can lead to mold and mildew. The most common way is for water to get through cracks in concrete where the pocket air was not eliminated during its mixing. It’s also very possible that moisture can gain access through movements in narrow foundations caused by soil erosion. We’ve also discovered that clogged gutters and broken downspouts can heighten the hydrostatic pressure, which will permit moisture to seep through. We can offer you several solutions that prevent further seepage of moisture into your basement through our expertise. 

Our Techniques
We earned our reputation as the foremost basement waterproofing service provider in Wilmington, NC, through our employment of efficient techniques on high-quality material. To divert moisture from gaining access to the basement, our engineers always install several layers of elements and equipment that provide water-resistant properties. Depending on the nature of the wetness in your basement, we select from our plethora of methods for mitigating it. We use internal waterproofing techniques in situations where condensation is the major source of the seeping moisture. We also go through the delicate process of external waterproofing to prevent moisture from entering the basement from the soil around the building’s exterior. We at Foundation Repairs of Wilmington carefully carry out these procedures effectively and include the best type of drainage tiles to act as conduits for removing seeping water. We take the extra step of ensuring that your property is optimally protected against excess moisture in the foundation or basement by installing sump pumps to regulate the hydrostatic pressure in the structure below the ground of your house. 

Dangers of postponing waterproofing your basement
We’ve found that signs of water finding its way to the basement may not be obvious immediately. If you’re looking out for these changes, you may miss them because they can take years to manifest. You need not worry because our team of high-skilled experts is experienced at detecting unclear water symptoms entering the below-ground structure in your homes. If you’ve noticed a musty smell in your basement, it’s probably already time to schedule your waterproofing work. Neglecting these obvious signs can lead to further damage like mold, efflorescence, and peeling paints. In some cases, these concerns can be more pronounced like cracked walls in the basement that begin to appear bowed inward.