Foundation Waterproofing is the systematic way of preventing water from gaining access to the foundation, which can lead to several unfavorable conditions for the building. These conditions include weakening foundations, breeding of molds, and wet damp interior spaces beneath the ground. For us to effectively waterproof your property’s foundation, we have to consider some factors such as the foundation depth, the moisture content of the soil, and the nature of the land (location and topography). 

How we can waterproof your foundation
Although the general idea of foundation waterproofing is to prevent water from getting to the foundation, it encompasses so much more. We rely on our professional experience and new technologies to carry out the task successfully. We use carefully constructed drains to direct the flow of water away from the base of the building. We also treat the ground surface adjacent to the property to repel surface water. Besides, we carry out wall treatments to stop them from being a conduit for moisture, while ensuring that it connects to the drains for safe and effective disposal. 

Layers of Protection
For maximum protection of the concrete beneath your property from the hazards of water, we use several layers of waterproofing. Each layer performs a specific task that’s best suited for its material type. The first layer would be a solid foundation wall that is void of pipe penetrations of cracks, which can cause water to enter the concrete. The next layer would ideally feature a cement mortar than provides a higher level of protection than the solid foundation. A highly water-resistant black-tar material known as waterproofing membrane is added next, followed by perforated interior pipes that hold water that may still get to the foundation. We then connect this interior draintile to an external one via a sump pump to safely eject the water. Because we know how important waterproofing your foundation can be, we don’t just stop there. We add protection/drainage boards to safeguard the finishing of the foundation’s protective layers from getting perforated by rocks or tree roots. 

Can you waterproof the foundation of an old property
Old houses that were built before recent technologies on foundation waterproofing are not doomed. If you’re going to waterproof the foundation of an old property, then you’ll certainly need to invest in a sufficient protective layer. This is our expertise as we assure effective repair and waterproofing by improving your home’s normal drainage. We employ techniques like grading the compound to allow for better flow. 

When is the best time to waterproof your foundation
Waterproofing work can be easily delayed by rain. This is the reason why experts are usually in high demand during the busy season. You can make reach out to us to secure an appointment. If necessary, you can confirm the plan elevations with an architect, especially if grading is involved. We also advise that you schedule your waterproofing well ahead of time to give room for adequate strategy.