If you’ve been noticing extreme cracks in the floor and walls of your property, then it’s possible that concrete was not at first mixed properly. These cracks usually extend throughout the whole thickness of the slab and will permit excess water seepage through to the foundation. At Foundation Repair of Wilmington, we provide services of repair and lifting to this range of problems. We comprise of a crew of experienced structural engineers who employ effective measures to repair even extreme cracks. 

How we get the job done
Our main objective is to always strive for excellence with every customer. That’s the reason why we’re recognized as the premier foundation repair services. We pride ourselves in the expertise that our engineers bring to the table combined with the state-of-the-art equipment that we use to get the job done. Whether you’re experiencing dormant or severe cracks in your house, we have a plethora of well-proven techniques to repair them, such as mudjacking, poly jacking, and slab replacement, where necessary.

Can you get it done yourself
There’s a lot that goes into cracked concrete repair and lifting that you may not grasp from a DIY tutorial. While it is possible to rectify dormant cracks in your homes by yourself successfully, we advise that you seek expert services. This is because cracks provide avenues for the water to seep into the concrete and get access to the foundation. So what may seem like a dormant crack could also be an active one, and neglecting them is highly detrimental to the value of your home. Besides, our team of engineers uses the most effective techniques with the best set of devices for concrete repairs and lifting. Why not reach out to us today and let’s get the job done at a cheap too.

Reason for cracks and lifts in concrete
As the water in concrete begins to dry up in the heat or freeze up in cold regions, the true picture of its constituents begins to come to light in the form of faults or the lack thereof. These faults can take the form of cracks or lifts, and they show that the concrete was not constructed with the correct amount of shock-absorbent material added. These materials could be lumber, polyfoam, or fiber. This is where our skills come to the forefront. We are the leading concrete repair service providers in Wilmington, NC, and we offer a wide range of repair options such as void filling, concrete lifting, crack repairs, and many others.

Repairing active cracks in your building that affect its structural integrity is a cost-incurring process, and it will cost more if you’re doing the repairs yourself. At Foundation Repairs of Wilmington, we have an inhouse team that comprises of experienced engineers who are focused on delivering quality repairs. We offer all this at an affordable price.