Crawl space encapsulation is an important measure to take if you’re interested in keeping the moisture out of the area. The air quality in the living area of your home is directly affected by that of the air in your crawl space. To maintain high-quality air in your living space, you’ll need to encapsulate your crawl space, and we’re the best at doing that in Wilmington, NC. Our team of professionals uses the best equipment in the most effective way possible to help you handle the matter effectively.

Other benefits of encapsulating your crawl space
Asides better airflow, there are several other benefits of encapsulating your crawl space. One that stands out is that encapsulation promotes the crawl space’s durability and its components, such as the HVAC equipment and the crawl space floor. We also recommend it because it saves energy generally and can lead to lesser critter problems. The removal of moisture from the crawl space is also great for making it an inhospitable area for pests, insects, and fungi to fester. You can reach out to us today to see how we help you enjoy all of these benefits. 

The right timing for crawl space encapsulation
The accumulated moisture and water vapor in your crawl space can cause several damages. We usually recommend encapsulation as a suitable solution to these faults, which can include wet insulation, mold, mildew, and soft/separating floors. Some concerns that can also require encapsulation include excess moisture in the foundation, insect infestation, condensation on windows, and highly-priced cooling. At Foundation Repair of Wilmington, we offer a professional opinion on how you want your encapsulation. Using our expertise and excellent materials, we can help create that solution

Our techniques
We can provide you with a well-detailed and carefully constructed method for encapsulating your crawl space specifically. Our team of highly-skilled experts utilizes only proven techniques to effectively install the plastic vapor barrier over the surfaces of the crawl space. It all depends on how your crawl space is set up, as we have a plethora of methods that we can use and combine to protect the are from excess moisture. This way, you are guaranteed that the encapsulation is done professionally and at an affordable price too. 

What would an encapsulated crawl space look like
After carefully covering all the open surfaces of your crawl space with the required material, we can assure you that your basement would look different. Asides the complete coverage of the floor with the plastic vapor barrier, the vent, and junctions of the barrier would be sealed properly too. We usually insulate the foundation walls and joist and install your chosen device for conditioning the air. Depending on your budget and air conditioning needs, you can either go for an exhaust fan, a dehumidifier, or direct a minute supply of air from the HVAC system. We only promise to provide high-quality services, and we take it very seriously. Call us today and let us discuss how we can be of help to you.