If you’ve noticed unfavorable changes in your living space’s humidity, then your crawlspace requires necessary repairs. Who better to call in Wilmington, NC, to provide the right solutions other than Foundation Repair of Wilmington. Our repairs are handled by our crew of skillful engineers who use the most advanced level of equipment to prevent excess moisture from entering your crawlspace effectively. This can be critical in some cases, especially in the summer, when your air conditioning system has to work longer. The condensation from the increased moisture content in the crawl space can lead to molds and cause insulation to falter. 

Our methods
To permanently prevent excess moisture from causing damage to y our crawlspace, we employ several proven techniques to resolve the issue. We carry out effective insulation using vapor barriers that are best suited for your property’s crawlspace. Our expert structural engineers operate leading equipment that performs a range of crawl space related repairs like insulation and expansion. The best part is that we offer this and at an affordable price.

Why you should leave the repairing to us
While many platforms encourage you to carry out your crawlspace repair by yourself, it’s not advised. The accumulated moisture in the area can lead to molds, which can be harmful to your health. Plus, you’ll be incurring unnecessary costs by purchasing the same grade of equipment that we professionals use to get the repairs done at the highest quality. Why not save yourself the stress, cost, and even the risk of health issues by making an appointment with our crawlspace repair service. We’ve earned our place as the first crawlspace repair services in Wilmington over the years through relentless dedication to providing the best solution to our customers. So you can rest assured that we’ll take care of your repairs effectively without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Crawl Space Expansion
There are specific crawl space repair needs that call for full expansion of the area into a basement. This, however, takes even more careful planning and effective application of techniques. This is where we excel at Foundation Repairs of Wilmington. From the necessary planning to excavation, we will take care of everything and help you achieve your goal of modifying your crawl space into a basement. We offer our services at the highest possible quality, and for a great price too. If you’re unsure whether expansion is suited for your needs now, we can provide you with the right advice to maximize your living space without increasing your energy cost. 

Quality at an affordable price
Crawl space repairs can incur a lot of costs if you’re carrying them out yourself. We have a team of trained professionals that use the best equipment in the most effective way to achieve high-quality results. It’s this dedication to increasing quality that our competitors try to copy. Why not give us a call today and let us know how we can be of service to you.